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Content Curation Versus Content Aggregation

Content Curation Versus Content Aggregation | Power of Content Curation | Scoop.it

Content Creation

Content creation refers to the content that is 100% unique to you. You write it and you own the copyright. This content can be of any medium; image, video, podcast or text.

To ensure time efficiency, clear messaging and brand consistency, you should only create content when you are sharing information that directly promotes your brand. This can be your promotional posts, quotes, humour and personal posts that represent who you are and what your brand represents.

These posts should add value and ultimately bring your audience one step closer to you.

Your own created content should make up roughly 20% of your overall content strategy. This ensures you are building brand awareness, promoting your products/services and keeping top of mind without being spammy or overly promotional.

Content Aggregation

Content aggregation refers to the content that you pull directly from sources. Often there are certain tools that are used to do this automatically.

When it comes to sharing it on social media, you share it directly as is. This could be the title of the article and a link. You may add a hashtag but there is no additional commentary.

This content as with all content that you don’t own should be attributed to the author.

While this content is really easy to source and share with your social media community, it should be limited to a small percentage of your overall content strategy.

If you rely on aggregated content too often, it will just add to the noise. Think about it, if everyone is simply sharing others content round and round, it’s just the same ‘stuff’ being seen over and over again. It’s not adding value, it’s wasting time, our most precious resource.

If you want your community to stay loyal to your business and brand, it’s so important that you provide a reason to visit and a reason to stay. This means bringing something unique that adds additional value that you can’t receive anywhere else.

This is where content curation comes in.

Content Curation

Content curation refers to the content that you bring to your audience but add additional commentary to. Curating content adds a unique perspective that makes it highly relevant, interesting and valuable to your community. This can be as simple as a comment on a link or identifying key point that readers should focus on.

While content aggregation is ok on occasion, your goal should really be to curate the content you source and choose to share.

80% of the content we share shouldn’t be directly promoting our business but it still needs to be bringing value. Plus, it can be really difficult trying to constantly come up with new content. Content curation solves this problem while helping you stand out above the noise.

Content curation saves you time, provides an opportunity to leverage your knowledge and it pays it forward for the high quality sources you choose to share with your audience.

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