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Content Curation: The Ultimate Guide - Content Strategy Hub

Content Curation: The Ultimate Guide - Content Strategy Hub | Power of Content Curation | Scoop.it
Content curation is a hot topic of discussion in marketing circles these days. One of the biggest problems businesses face when they try to pursue content marketing is finding the time to actually produce the content. But when you curate content, you don’t really have to produce anything.

Sort of…

There are a lot of misconceptions about content curation out there. So I decided to throw together this content curation guide to slice through all the clutter and clarify some things (from my point of view, of course).

What is Content Curation?
Curation is nothing new, really. Historically, “curators” have been associated with museums and art galleries. They pick out what to put up for display.

Radio stations are also curators if you think about it. They hand pick what genre of music will be played, what the individual songs will be, and what order they will be played in.

But never has the ability to curate content (be it visual, audio or text) been so available for the general public.

In fact, most people that have any sort of online presence have curated content at one point or another. Most curation doesn’t happen with marketing in mind, though. I’ll mention more on this later.

Content curation is really just the sharing of other people’s information.

This is similar to how a museum curator would research different art pieces for an exhibit, sift through them, analyze them, and finally decide what to display.

Of course curation isn’t limited to just digital content, but that is really what we’re focusing on here.

David Meerman Scott recently stated that he believes that the use of guest writers is a form of content curation.

I have to disagree with this view point. To me, curation is based in content that already exists; not original content. Publishing new content, even if it is written by a guest, is not curation in the strict sense of the word.

Many blogs accept guest authors. But they often have the stipulation that the content must be original. This is not curation – it is creation (by someone other than the blog owner).

Steps for Content Curation
For proper content curation to take place, there are three steps in the process.


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