Power of Content Curation
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What Is Content Curation #contentcuration

What Is Content Curation #contentcuration | Power of Content Curation | Scoop.it

Online, it seems that everyone wants to be an expert and content marketers encouraging businesses to become thought leader in their field will primarily suggest that if necessary, they hire a content writer to write the company’s own unique content.

But did you know that by curating content, you can still become an expert or thought leader in your field by using other people’s content?

You can be the content creator (original content) and/or the content curator (the reporter) and still be a thought leader in your industry.

What is Content Curation?

Curation is nothing new, really. Historically, “curators” have been associated with museums and art galleries. They pick out what to put up for display.

Radio stations are also curators if you think about it. They hand pick what genre of music will be played, what the individual songs will be, and what order they will be played in.

But never has the ability to curate content (be it visual, audio or text) been so available for the general public.

In fact, most people that have any sort of online presence have curated content at one point or another. Most curation doesn’t happen with marketing in mind, though. I’ll mention more on this later.

Content curation is really just the sharing of other people’s information.

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