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Content Curation Drives Lead Generation #contentcuration #contentmarketing

Content Curation Drives Lead Generation #contentcuration #contentmarketing | Power of Content Curation | Scoop.it

Content curation is one of the driving factors for generating leads in content marketing. More and more brands are choosing to pursue content marketing for that very reason. A recent study by BtoB Magazine concludes that 28% of content marketers focus on content marketing simply to boost lead generation.

This is conceivable as content marketing drives three times the sales of digital advertising (Nielson). Leads generated from marketing spend passes leads in paid search after nineteen months (Heidi Cohen) Furthermore, “content marketing leads generated per $1,000 of marketing spend is three times greater after three years (or thirty-six months),” writes Cohen.

If that isn’t convincing enough, both Kapost and Eloqua found that content marketing’s cost per lead drops 80% after the first five months.

So how does content curation fit into this?

As a form of content marketing, content curation plays a driving factor in generating leads and sales for brands. In a previous post titled How Content Curation Enhances SEO, we established that backlinks, social signals and traffic are methods to cultivating better search engine results.

It is precisely through SEO and traffic does content curation attract and cultivate prospects.

An example of this is Greg Bardwell, who performed a ROI analysis on a three-year-old website that updates sporadically. “The purpose of this ROI analysis,” Bardwell writes, “is to show how a curation and content marketing strategy can grow your organic [website] traffic.”

In just four months (June through September 2012), Bardwell saw the website’s traffic grow by 464%. “This fast growth is achieved using content curation to accelerate traditional content marketing traffic generating tactics.” More importantly, this growth in traffic led to significant leads.

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