Power of Content Curation
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onto Power of Content Curation

Best Practices for Planning A Content Curation Strategy (video) #contentcuration

*** Brian Yanish's comments - If you are a content curator this is a must watch "Curation is now King" This is the why! ***

t’s no news flash that there’s a lot of video online — far too much in any one area for interested viewers to tackle. That’s where a well-planned curation strategy comes in.

Curation can solve the problem of abundance online, Steven Rosenbaum, author of Curation Nation, explained at the recent Streaming Media East conference in New York City. While creative professionals occasionally disagree with curation, it’s a way for site owners to present strong material to site visitors and cut through the clutter.

“Content curators are distributors of collections,” explained Rosenbaum. “One of the reasons why this is a difficult talk to give to this audience is creators tend to see curation as stealing their soul. So, when you talk to people who make content for a living, whether it’s writers or photographers or videographers, it’s all, ‘Yeah, I used to have a great business back when all of this aggregation didn’t exist and now it’s hard for me to make a living.’ That’s not the curator’s fault. That’s the abundance problem. If you went ahead and made all the curators in the world go away, you’d still have this signal-to-noise problem that we laid out at the beginning of the talk. So, absolutely no way is curation the thing that is the enemy of creation.”

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