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To Select: The Unique Skill Content Curators Must Cultivate Like the Holy Grail

To Select: The Unique Skill Content Curators Must Cultivate Like the Holy Grail | Power of Content Curation | Scoop.it

Via Robin Good
Jordi Carrió Jamilà's curator insight, September 18, 2013 3:46 AM

Unas muy interesantes reflexiones sobre la curación de contenidos que hay que leer muy detenidamente.

Prof. Hankell's curator insight, September 18, 2013 2:18 PM

Robin Good's insight:


Tom Webster illustrates clearly why content curation is not a backup solution for those looking for a content marketing strategy that saves them time and resources.


Content curation, according to Tom Webster, "is even harder--and rarer--than quality creative output".


and "...the ability to create value through curation is uncommon."


And the solution, notwithstanding what conferences and events may appear to suggest, is not simply in having new fancy tools. The real difference is in how me and you curate the content we select.


"And the learned skill (through pattern recognition) that both the content curator and the content docent must share is the ability to discriminate."

Humans can "discriminate" in much more subtle ways than computers can, and this ability, if refined, is going to become a very valuable asset in the near future.


This is why content curators as well as content "guides" (from museum docents) will play an increasingly important role to their audiences, especially when compared to those who are just passing on "interesting links".


He further writes: "It will be increasingly difficult, in this age of declining content arbitrage, to build an audience through curation—to get new people to gravitate to your content if you are just passing along other people's content.


But if you build an audience first—if you are known for something—then your curation has meaning."


The author also points to two excellent examples of content curation: John Gruber (Daring Fireball) and Chris Penn (christopherspenn.com).

A good reading for anyone interested in better understanding what content curation is all about.

Rightful. 8/10

Full article: http://brandsavant.com/brandsavant/curation

Sally Tilley's curator insight, September 18, 2013 5:56 PM

A timely reminder of how your friendly Teacher Librarian can hopefully give you a hand with sorting through resources and content available for you curriculum areas, thank you for sharing this :-)

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